Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We left Desoto Caverns Campground at 12:30 pm (GA Time... 11:30 am CT). The heaviest traffic was around Phenix City Alabama and Columbus Georgia. Heavy, but nothing at all like Denver :-D

The closer we got to Phenix City Alabama the more kudzu vines there were. Then south of Columbus Georgia... cotton, peanut and corn fields, peach, pecan and (lob lolly and slash) pine tree groves... even a grove of long-leaf pines. Georgia is beautiful!

We either arrived at home at 12:30 pm or 1:30 pm... it doesn't matter. We had a great trip and arrived home safely.

We unpacked clothing and most of the food. I started laundry. I still have the quilt and the rugs to wash... then time to start on the regular laundry again. Next is cleaning the trailer and truck inside and out.

There is lots of mail to go through. Frank picked up another batch at the post office. I think I threw away most of the junk... filled a kitchen garbage can almost full with it.

The car wouldn't start... the battery is dead. A new one will bought tomorrow.

It is strange to be home. The sinks are much BIGGER. The refrigerator is HUGE. The refrigerator makes ICE . There is a DIFFERENT WAY to get to the bathroom in the middle of the night. The bathroom door closes with a KNOB and doesn't slide. There are NO COINS needed for the washer and dryer.

We traveled 181 miles today.

Our total miles traveled over 78 days was 10,190 miles.

The bestest part of the trip was experiencing it together :-D